Monday, December 6, 2010

Film Fest success!

More than 100 Bay Area Hetch Hetchy-ites enjoyed the Hetch Hetchy Film Festival -- Northern edition. Wednesday night in downtown Berkeley we were treated to three films. The David Brower film from the 1950s was new to me, and almost brought tears to my eyes. It showed footage of a dry year in which the stumps of the trees chopped down to make way for the reservoir are visible. It's a summer day and a whopping 1,500 people are visiting Yosemite Valley (can that be right?) while the photographer and one hiker are in HH Valley. The wind kicks up alkalai dust. It's not a pleasant place.

The second film was a short one created by two SoCal 3rd graders for a class project. (One proud set of grandparents was in attendance.) It was cute and funny but brought the point home. The third film was the Harrison Ford-narrated film most of us are familiar with, albeit with some new editing and appearances by our fearless leader, ED Mike Marshall.

At the reception before the viewing, Muir-Hanna Vineyards provided wine for the guests. The vineyard is run by Muir's grandson, Bill Hanna.

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