Friday, December 20, 2013

Media Summary of Raker Act Centennial

See below for a summary of media coverage of the centennial of the Raker Act on  December 19, 2013. The Raker Act was the legislation that allowed the damming of Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Valley.
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Restore Hetch Hetchy

o  Hetch Hetchy Centennial Marked, Sonora Union Democrat, 12-9-13,
o  Raker Act changed Tuolumne River’s course 100 years ago, Modesto Bee and Merced Sun-Star, 12-19-13
o  Writing Hetch Hetchy history, SG Examiner (slide show), 12-20-13
o   Water Wars Began in SF 100 Years Ago, NBC Bay Area, 12-19-13

Editorial opinions

o  Viewpoints: Time to return Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy to the American people, Spreck Rosekrans, Sacramento Bee, 10-20-13

o  Restore Hetch Hetchy? In can be done, Dan Lundgren and John Van de Kamp, Los Angeles times, 12-2-13

o  Hetch Hetchy: Congress should undo the destructive Raker Act, Bob Binniweis, B.J. Griffin and Dave Mihalic, San Jose Mercury News, 12-13-19


Blogs etc.

o  Restoring the Lovely Hetch Hetchy Valley Restores More Than A National Park, Prof. Barbara Mossberg, Huffington Post, 12-17-13

o  Hetch Hetchy and a Century of Environmentalism, Roger Williams, Sierra Club, 12-18-13

o  Hetch Hetchy: A century of occupation in Yosemite National Park, Spreck Rosekrans, Mavens Notebook: A water, science and policy blog, 12-19-13

o  A Vision for Restoring Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Valley, Ken Brower, Earth Island Journal, 12-19-13

o  Gathering the spirit to recover the river wild, Letters, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, 12-19-13

o  An Unhappy Anniversary for Hetch Hetchy, Rick Frank, Legal Planet, 12-20-13

o  100 years later, SF water war rages on –Hetch-Hetchy or Bust!!, Stephen Frank, California’s Political News and Views, 12-19-13

o  Hetch Hetchy—San Frans’ Water and Budget Balancer, Stephen Frank, California’s Political News and Views, 9-18-13

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